Noise rock from the dissonant sprawl . . .the debut album from Primitive Broadcast Service!!!

"Noise and melody are two of my favourite things. Particularly when they are juxtaposed in a confrontational manner that enables them to coexist and interplay. This also seems to please Milwaukee, Wisconsin art/noise rock outfit Primitive Broadcast Service. Their latest track, titled ‘Fire Escape High’, masterfully melds the two calling to mind Sonic Youth at their height when everything was raucous and slightly off-key. If this is any indication of their upcoming debut LP, then we are in. Deep." -- Jamie Coughlan, OVERBLOWN, UK

Reviews of album track "Pictures of Calvary":
COME HERE FLOYD"... the Midwest trio from Milwaukee, rocks it out with progressive timing and dissonant guitar works, to bring the small and nuance, through a blaring solidity of sound. 'Political dysfunction, loss, anger..' all copiously drizzled and dabbed onto the single."

OVERBLOWN, UK: "It's a keeper."

"Love this albumSolid collection of well written songs surrounded by by intensely crafted distortion." -- Amazon review.

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