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Noise rock from the dissonant sprawl . . .the debut album from Primitive Broadcast Service!!!

Listen on Spotify . Order in the CDBaby online music store . Get high quality mp3 downloads, art & merch at .  Review in  OVERBLOWN, UK : " Noise and melody are two of my favourite things. Particularly when they are juxtaposed in a confrontational manner that enables them to coexist and interplay. This also seems to please Milwaukee, Wisconsin art/noise rock outfit  Primitive Broadcast Service . Their latest track, titled ‘Fire Escape High’, masterfully melds the two calling to mind Sonic Youth at their height when everything was raucous and slightly off-key. If this is any indication of their upcoming debut LP, then we are in. Deep." -- Jamie Coughlan, Overblown UK Reviews of album track "Pictures of Calvary": COME HERE FLOYD :  "... the Midwest trio from Milwaukee, rocks it out with progressive timing and dissonant guitar works, to bring the small and nuance, through a blaring solidity of sound. 'Poli